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The Army mission is 'To serve the Nation by providing land forces to promote the security of Australia and protect its people and interests'.

Australia's defence is based on a policy of self reliance within a framework of regional associations and alliances.

National security interests have the potential to lead to Army involvement in tasks such as the protection and evacuation of Australian nationals from regional trouble spots, natural disaster relief, peacekeeping, the meeting of regional association and alliance obligations, and mobilisation and expansion planning.

By the 21st century, the centre of gravity of Australian defence has moved much closer to northern Australia. The need to be capable of responding to land incursions across the north, from the Pilbara to north Queensland, has made necessary the basing of additional, readily available, rapid response forces in these northern areas.

Formations and units in the front line of Australia's defence: the Ready Deployment Force, Special Forces, Regional Force Surveillance units and Darwin-based forces, are maintained at appropriate high states of readiness, prepared to serve whenever the Nation might call

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